Gold Buying


Richardsons is dedicated to ensuring you obtain the best price for your unwanted jewellery and coins. When you bring your jewellery to us we examine each individual item, whether it be a ring, broken chain or a single earring. We study the hallmark to ascertain the carat of the gold or platinum, if no hallmark is found we are able to test the metals on site, with your permission. We sort the items into 9, 14, 18 and 22 carat gold or platinum, to ensure you receive full value when you sell. These are then weighed and an offer is made to you based on the gold price of the day. We offer cash, cheque or bank transfer.

During the assessment of your jewellery we will also advise on pieces we believe would be better sold at auction.

For any advice on selling gold, please contact us on 01525 403474 or e-mail