Jewellery Repairs & Restoration

Jewellery Repairs and Restoration

Here at Richardsons we offer an extensive repair and restoration service for your jewellery. Whether your repair is simple or complex, our team of first-class jewellers and goldsmiths have the experience and ability to bring your piece back to life.

Your jewellery will be closely examined by one of our expert staff who will then offer advice and guidance on the repairs required. After close inspection a free estimate is given for the necessary work. Where possible jewellery repairs are carried out in our small on-site workshop in Ampthill, however for more complex work, your jewellery is repaired to the highest standard in our external local workshop. Whilst left with us your jewellery is treated with care and is fully insured.

We offer an extensive number of jewellery repair services for our clients;

Jewellery Repairs and Restoration

Ring Sizing
If you find your ring no longer fits correctly, our goldsmiths are able to re-size your ring so it is comfortable, allowing you to enjoy wearing it again.

Claw Re-Tipping & Crown Repair
After continuous wear, rings can begin to wear down, therefore are exposed to structural weaknesses. Repairing the crown enforces the rings structure and re-tipping the claws on your ring will ensure that the diamonds and gemstones are held securely.

Chain & Bracelet Repair
Chains and bracelets become worn and tangled during wear and storage. Our workshop are able to repair broken chains and replace worn or broken clasps.

Re-Finishing & Polishing
We are able to polish your jewellery to make it sparkle beautifully. Our workshop is also equipped to Rhodium plate white gold, making it look like new again.

Pearl Re-Stringing
We provide a re-stringing service for Cultured, Freshwater, Simulated and Seed pearl necklaces and bracelets, as well as other beaded jewellery.

Jewellery Engraving
Our jewellery engraving service allows you to personalise your item or gift with a special message or date, making it unique to you. We can engrave on most pieces, including rings and pendants. Choose from a selection of different engraving styles and then let our experienced engravers get to work.

Along with jewellery repair and our bespoke design service, we are able to re-style old jewellery that is rarely worn, by using it to create a piece of jewellery that you will wear and enjoy. Restyling is a great way to preserve the value of your jewellery. We are able to re-style a 3 stone ring into a pair of earrings and a pendant, or an old diamond brooch into a stunning cluster ring. Come into our Ampthill show room to discuss your ideas with us.

Jewellery Inspection
We want to ensure that your jewellery is maintained properly, therefore we recommend that you have your jewellery checked every six months for signs of wear. Doing this allows us to spot a loose stone or a worn clasp and prevent these issues from becoming expensive repairs or loss, allowing you to wear your jewellery with pride.

Bring your jewellery into us and we will do our best to restore it to its former beauty.

For help and advice phone us on 01525 403474 to speak to one of our experienced team or email