Richardsons are able to provide valuations for your jewellery, watches and silverware.

You may require a valuation for a number of purposes; the most common is an Insurance Valuation, which your insurer requires to provide adequate insurance cover for your possessions. Other purposes include Probate and Family Division/Divorce, we are able to provide each of these Valuations.

At Richardsons valuations are an onsite service, when you leave your jewellery with us it is fully insured and does not leave the premises. Our local expert valuer, who is a member of The National Association of Jewellers’ Institute of Registered Valuers, does all valuations in our showroom, The Market House in Ampthill.

Our expert will examine your jewellery and provide a detailed written description of each item, along with digital photographs and notes on any distinguishing features. If possible please provide any accompanying paperwork with your jewellery, as this will assist with the correct completion of your paperwork.

At Richardsons we realise the sentimental importance of your jewellery, therefore if you do not wish to leave your jewellery with us for a few days, we can arrange a one day valuation with our valuer. This means you can leave your possessions with us in the morning and they will be ready for you to collect by the end of the working day, with paperwork to follow or be collected at a later date. For larger or more specialised items please contact us to arrange a consultation appointment at your home.

For more information and details of our fees please contact us on 01525 403474 or email

Insurance Valuations are produced to provide evidence of value in the unfortunate event of theft, loss or damage to your jewellery. The value given to your items will reflect the full retail replacement piece, i.e. the price it would be to buy a replacement/similar item. A benefit of having your jewellery valued; if you need to claim from the insurance the valuation provides proof of ownership and value, making the claim quicker and hassle free. The valuation report will also increase your chances of recovering your items. The majority of insurance companies are now requesting a valuation for any item over £2,500. Gold and diamond prices have changed dramatically in recent years, therefore in order to keep up to date with the changes in the jewellery market we recommend you have your jewellery valued every two to three years.

Probate valuations are an important part of the process of overseeing the estate of a deceased person. Unlike an Insurance Valuation, which indicates the full retail replacement value, this lower assessment is based on the amount that is likely to be achieved at auction or by selling to the trade. This figure is based on the open market conditions on the date of death.

Family Division/Divorce
This valuation uses the open market to determine an items value, as opposed to its price at retail. This is to ensure that settlements are not based upon previous purchase prices or insurance values, which are disproportionate from the current going rate.